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Analyze your Infragram photos

Infragram is an online tool for analyzing plant health with near-infrared imagery. To learn more, read about our open source cameras, or buy a modded camera from the Public Lab non-profit.

You can upload images from a camera you have modified with our DIY Filter Pack, or with our pre-modified Point and Shoot Infragram Camera.

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Combine an infragram camera with Public Lab's open source Balloon Mapping Kit for aerial infrared plant analysis!

What is Infragram?

An "infrablue" image is one in which the "red" channel of the image shows "near-infrared" light instead of the usual red. Such images can be generated using many inexpensive digital cameras and webcams by removing the infrared block filter and then adding a filter that selectively blocks red light (this is something the Public Lab Infragram kits nicely accomplish).

Learn how this technique works, and help improve it, by joining Public Lab, an open community working towards affordable, open source environmental science tools for real-world problems.

Build or buy one

Public Lab tools are open source, and you can build one yourself. The Public Lab non-profit also distributes kits to help you get started.

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Spring Courtyard HSV

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Overgrown Fence

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Overgrown fence

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Spring RGB

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